Ngoc Son Furniture and Handicraft Company has been Satisfied with Rotec Vietnam’s Plate Filter Press Machine


The 7th Success Story Background Information about Ngoc Son Company Ngoc Son Handicraft and Furniture Co., Ltd. is considered a typical representative for businesses developing traditional handicrafts in the Northern region. The company has more than 15 years of experience in the field of handicrafts and combining traditional materials with modern ones. The company’s products […]

INTECH Highly Appreciates Rotec Vietnam’s Plate Filter Presses


The 6th Success Story  Background Information about I.N.T.E.C.H I.N.T.E.C.H Company Limited is a company specializing in  constructing factories, manufacturing machinery, equipment and robots. INTECH has been present throughout the industrial zones of the country. Following that development the company has stepped up its participation in the field of wastewater treatment of industrial parks, as this […]

Hoa Phat Furniture Joint Stock Company is satisfied with Rotec Vietnam’s Plate Filter Press Machines


THE 5th SUCCESS STORY In the past time, Rotec Vietnam Co., Ltd. has achieved great success when becoming a reliable partner of Hoa Phat Furniture Joint Stock Company in deploying and installing the Plate Filter Press system at Pho Noi Industrial Park. , Hung Yen City. Background Information Established in 1995, as a member of […]

NM Vietnam Highly Appreciates Rotec Vietnam’s High Quality Hydraulic Press Machine

H frame Hydraulic Press Machine

THE FOURTH SUCCESS STORY Background Information NM Packaging Co., Ltd (Vietnam) is a 100% Singaporean investment company under Ngaimee Group. It specializes in manufacturing multi-color composite film plastic packaging products for the packaging of fast food, instant noodles, powdered ingredients such as tea or coffee. NM Packaging Company Limited (Vietnam) is growing and building a […]

DITECH Is Really Satisfied With Rotec Vietnam’s Plate Filter Press Machine

Plate Filter Press Machine 1

The 3rd Success Story   DITECH Company Limited Is Really Satisfied With Rotec Vietnam’s Plate Filter Press Machine Background Information DITECH Co., Ltd. is one of the companies manufacturing metal components with 100% investment capital from Korea, established since 2013. Up to now, the company has developed its related industries such as installing and operating […]

Tran Thanh Company Believes in High quality Rotec Vietnam Plate Filter Press


The 2nd Success Story  Introduction Vietnam Rotec’s plate filter press machine is a product which is interested in by many businesses. Many partners have given positive feedback about this product. Most of Vietnam Rotec’s customers are located in industrial parks in Bac Ninh province, of which Tran Thanh Co., Ltd. is one of them. The […]