NM Vietnam Highly Appreciates Rotec Vietnam’s High Quality Hydraulic Press Machine


Background Information

NM Packaging Co., Ltd (Vietnam) is a 100% Singaporean investment company under Ngaimee Group.

It specializes in manufacturing multi-color composite film plastic packaging products for the packaging of fast food, instant noodles, powdered ingredients such as tea or coffee.

Rotec Vietnam's Hydraulic Press Machine

NM Packaging Company Limited (Vietnam) is growing and building a brand name in the Vietnamese market.

For the production expansion process, NM Packaging Co., Ltd. has decided to choose a high-quality hydraulic press product line RTP-40.100.80 by Rotec Vietnam installed at the main factory of the company located in Tien Son Industrial Park, Tien Du district, Bac Ninh province.

Evaluation of NM Vietnam packaging company

For nearly 3 months of operation, NM Packaging Vietnam Co., Ltd. has highly appreciated the quality, stability and performance of the hydraulic presses provided by Rotec Vietnam during the production process.

A representative of NM Packaging company in Vietnam market said:

1-“What is impressive to us at Rotec Vietnam is the dedicated and enthusiastic consultation throughout the process when we learn about the hydraulic machine product lines before making a choice.

2-Besides, it is impossible not to mention the quality of hydraulic press products that Rotec Vietnam provides.

3-Although it has only been in operation for about 3 months, we fully believe and appreciate the quality of the hydraulics of Rotec Vietnam.

4-We know that this is a product that is researched, designed and manufactured by leading experts with many years of experience in universities in Vietnam.

5-“The reality shows that during operation, the machine operates stably, safely with high working efficiency, meeting the actual needs in the work that NM Vietnam is deploying.



hydraulic press machine


6-In addition, the hydraulic machine structure provided by Rotec Vietnam is very solid, ensuring convenience during use and especially safety for the operator.

7-In particular, hydraulic machine products are also custom built by Rotec Vietnam to ensure that they are suitable for the company’s actual needs and uses to help optimize the operation process.

8-Thanks Rotec Vietnam and we hope that the company will have more and more high-quality mechanical machine product lines to serve customers.”

Outstanding features of Rotec Vietnam’s hydraulic presses

1˗ The machine is manufactured from available materials and components, which are easy to replace.

2˗ Hydraulic pumps, valves and pipes are imported from reputable suppliers with full certificates. Piston system, hydraulic cylinders are imported from Italy and processed by highly skilled engineers of Rotec Vietnam.

H frame Hydraulic Press Machine


3˗ The control system is designed according to the needs of each customer. Control components imported from EU or G7 countries bring peace of mind during use.

4-In addition, the machine is also warranted for up to 12 months.

5- Flexible payment policy as customers can pay many times.

If you want to learn about hydraulic presses, please contact us directly through the information below for the earliest advice.

Contact information


• Head office address: Room 311, B15, Unit B, Dai Kim Urban area, Hoang Mai district, Hanoi Capital.

• Southern branch: Lot E17, KDC Valencia Riverside, No.1000 Nguyen Duy Trinh, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City.

• Hotline: (+84) 971 506 268

• North: (+84) 961 606 268-  (+84) 967.706.268

• South: (+84) 866.476.268

• Website: https://rotec.com.vn/

• Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/congtyrotecvietnam

• Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9UngzC_qkoVwAQDORT2dtQ

• Email: sales@rotec.com.vn

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