‘Cow’s Feet Cleaning Trough Project’- Vietnam Rotec Company’s Contribution to the Second Largest Fresh Milk Investor in Vietnam’s Market Share

Recognized as a pioneer in applying high technology to dairy farming and milk production, always at the forefront of innovation and development of new products from a lin   e of clean fresh milk from nature, the Famous investor currently contributes approximately 43% market share of fresh milk segment in the domestic milk market.

With the desire to develop and expand to the world market, the investor from Vietnam constantly makes investment in facilities and people, as well as scientific research to produce fresh clean, delicious and nutritious milk products, contributing to the physical improvement and intellectual development of the Vietnamese people. The project marks the successful cooperation between Phu Yen Investor and Vietnam Rotec Company, helping to realize the dream of this famous corporation.


1-Overview of the Investor

 According to the report ‘Vietnam’s Brand Imprint 2022‘, the Clean Fresh Milk Investor has surpassed many other brands and entered the Top 2 ‘The most chosen milk and dairy product brand by urban consumers’ ‘. This Investor’s dairy products are constantly being innovated and created, in line with the world’s trend, in which there is a tendency to switch to healthy and natural products.


The dairy farm of the Investor


2-Investor’s Request

To improve milk production and quality, reproductive efficiency and dairy cow health, the comfort of dairy herds plays a very important role. In addition to importing purebred Holstein Friesian dairy cows from the US, raising them on the island in Nghe An, taking care of the herd management process of Afimilk Israel, monitoring veterinary and ensuring health according to the process of Totally Vets-New Zealand, the conditions of the barn and the techniques of taking care of the cows greatly affect the comfort of the cows. Cows that are comfortable will eat more, have better health and especially give more milk (according to information of investors)

The project ‘Cow’s Feet Cleaning Trough Project’ was born with the sole purpose: Preventing foot and hoof diseases for cows, ensuring the health of dairy cows. And Vietnam Rotec Compnay is a long-term partner that Investor trusts and chooses.


The mild cow herd of the Investor

3-Overview of Foot Cleaning Process for Cows

 Step 1

The process begins with cleaning the footbed with water. Water is pumped from the 1m3 water tank through a high-pressure pump into the trough, after cleaning the wastewater is discharged into the farm’s wastewater drainage system.

Step 2

The solution is mixed in a chemical tank of 500-1000 liters and pumped quantitatively into the trough at a fixed pre-set rate, (95% water will be pumped in parallel with the chemical dosing pump system). directly into the foot bath).

Step 3

The process of dipping cow’s feet will be done when all cleaning and chemical mixing stages have been completed.

Step 4

The system opens the door for cows to enter, cows go into the sink, the pH measurement system will slowly increase. All systems are fully automatic controlled by PLC control.

Step 5

When the actual pH exceeds the required pH, the system automatically closes the door, drains and rinses the tub, ending the process.

Step 6

The old chemical will automatically be discharged and begin cleaning, mixing, and injecting the new chemical solution into the trough. The process continues until the whole herd is completed.

Step 7

Finish off the process by cleaning the footbed.


4- Diagram of Cow’s Feet Cleaning Trough


The diagram of the Milk Cow’s Feet Cleaning Trough


5- General Structure of the Milk Cow’s Feet Cleaning Trough


Water and chemical absorbing gates of the Trough

6- The Video of the Milk Cow’s Feet Cleaning Trough



7- Contact Information


Northern Office

  • Registered address: No. 3, Lane 240, Le Trong Tan street, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi.
  • Northern Office: Room 311, Unit B, Building B15, Dai Kim New Urban Area, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi City.
  • Factory: GD 5-4, Ngoc Hoi Industrial Park, Thanh Tri, Hanoi Capital.
  • Hotline: North: (+84) 971 506 268- (+84) 961 606 268- (+84) 967.706.268

Southern Office

  • Southern Branch: Lot E17, KDC Valencia Riverside, 1000 Nguyen Duy Trinh, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh.
  • Warranty and Maintenance Center for the South: No. 1674 Nguyen Duy Trinh, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh.
  • Hotline: South: (+84) 866.476.268- (+84) 867. 476. 268- (+84)967. 406. 268



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