The history of company’s foundation

Rotec Vietnam Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Mechanical and TDH  Thien Bao An Company Limited. Founded in 2008, Rotec Vietnam has built, developed and expanded to become a leading enterprise in Vietnam in the field of manufacturing machinery – industrial equipment, scientific and technical research. and transfer of high technology for 12 years. Main […]

About Rotec Vietnam

Vietnam Rotec Co., Ltd is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of industrial machinery, systems, lines and equipment. Founded in 2008, with the combination of leading experts in the fields of Mechanical, Hydraulic, Automation … up to now, Rotec Vietnam is a professional unit in investment consulting, designing, manufacturing, supplying, installing, transferring technology […]

Vision and Mission

Vision: Vision to 2030: Rotec becomes top 10 Vietnam brand in manufacturing industrial machinery and automation equipment Mission: With endless efforts and creativity, we bring customers the highest quality and most efficient products. Core values Endless CREATIVE to innovate TECHNOLOGY solutions and Industrial EQUIPMENT with high applicability and efficiency. At Rotec Vietnam company, creativity is […]


Rotec Vietnam Co., Ltd is a leading company in the field of designing and manufacturing industrial mechanical machines with a team of experience and enthusiastic personnel. Rotec Vietnam gradualy asserts its position. With 100% of design engineers graduating with excellence degree specialties in mechanical engineering, machine building in famous schools such as military engineering academy, […]