Being large company with long history in the mechanical engineering industry, Rotec Vn has a very diversified payment policy and creates convenient for domestic enterprises, 100% foreign capital to use the best products with the most economic price. As follows:

  1. For companies with 100% Japanese capital: After placing an order and signing a design & production contract, the policy of 0% advance payment and paying the remaining payment after 1-3 from the date of acceptance, installation and operation at the factory months will be applied.;
  2. For companies with 100% foreign capital and reputable domestic companies, the payment policy applied by Rotec Vn is as follows: 10-30% advance payment or opening a letter of bank guarantee to guarantee the advance payment and pay the remainming payment after 1 month from the date of acceptance, installation and operation at the factory;
  3. For domestic companies with bad debt or bad payment history, special payment policy is applied: Required to advance 50-80% of the total contract value right after signing and paying the remaining balance after 7 – 10 days from the date of acceptance and installation.

In addition, Rotec Vn also applies the simplest and most convenient payment methods with the most suitable options such as:

  1. Cash payment: Using cash in VND or USD, Yen, and other foreign currencies for payment;
  2. Payment by bank transfer: Your company can transfer money from any bank, we will confirm the payment right after receiving and check the validity of the payment order;
  3. Online payment: Using the budget in payment accounts provided by banks in Vietnam to pay all Rotec contracts.

For details, please refer to the website: https://rotec.com.vn/ or call 0971 506 268 for advice and purchase at the best price.