Vietnam Rotec Company Successfully Handling Shredder and Hydraulic Baler Machines to the Sea Center

In the past few days, all the leaders and staff of Vietnam Rotec Co., Ltd. are extremely happy and excited because the SHREDDER AND HYDRAULIC BALER MACHINES designed and manufactured by Vietnam Rotec Company have been successfully tested, handed over and delivered to the Investor in Vung Chua, Quang Binh Province.


1. About Investors

Vung Chua – Yen Island in Quang Binh province is a land with a prime location, overlooking the East Sea, surrounded on all sides by majestic mountains with the shape of a dragon’s body. Moreover, this place also has the Dragon’s nose piercing to the edge of the waves with the sea and the sky being in harmony and the people are brave and simple.

Talking about Vung Chua-Yen Island, Vietnamese people all think of the resting place of General Vo Nguyen Giap, the legendary general of Vietnamese history.

As for Vietnam Rotec Company, Vung Chua marks an important milestone in the long-term and trusting cooperation relationship with the Investor which is the Marine Center in Quang Binh, with 3 products including the DUO SHREDDER AND HYDRAULIC BALER MACHINES.


2. Investor’s Requirements

At the Sea Center in Quang Binh province, regiments went on business trips aboard battleships for months. Daily-life waste of officials such as soft drink cans, plastic bottles, tissues, and toilet paper are accumulated, occupying a lot of usable area. Only when they arrive on the mainland, these scraps are brought for treatment.

Stemming from the urgent practical needs of the soldiers, it is necessary to have an optimal solution to handle daily-life waste on warships, minimizing the risk of littering into the sea to pollute seawater and polluting the land around Vung Chua; The Sea Center has ordered Vietnam Rotec Company to design and manufacture the Shredder Machine  and the Hydraulic Baler Machine (for shreddering cans, plastic bottles, cartons). That is why the Shredder and Hydraulic Baler Machines were manufactured within 2 months.


3The Duo Shredder and Hydraulic Baler Machine manufactured for the Sea Center

 The Image of the Machines


The Hydraulic Baler Press Machine Manufactured for the Sea Center


Reasons for Using Rotec VN Vertical Hydraulic Baler Press Machine

 Baling capacity of vertical baler press machine

The machine uses hydraulic cylinders to generate pressure. Therefore, the pressure generated is large. The pressure is large or small depending on the type of cylinder used and the needs of the customers.

The size of bales after pressing is very diverse. Depending on the needs, it can be up to 1100 mm x 1100 mm for convenient transportation, adapting to all sizes of trucks. Machine capacity 3 to 10 baler/h depending on the size of bales after pressing.

Saving costs of storage and transportation when using a vertical baler

The product after pressing into bales has a size many times smaller than the original size, which will reduce the space occupied in the warehouse and save a huge part of the shipping cost.

Using a vertical baler helps to keep workers safe

 All parts such as the loading gate, moving details such as the presser table, hydraulic cylinder are covered to ensure the safety of the operator during the working process.

Modern overload protection of vertical baler

The machine has an overload protection system for the motor, pump and hydraulic cylinder during pressing. When the pressure reaches the limit, the pressure limit valve system will shut off to ensure the safety of the system.

Using a vertical baler will save money in the long run

Due to saving transportation costs and saving storage space,  being convenient for later processing. This will help businesses save a large amount of money in the long run.


Cans After Being Pressed By The Hydraulic Baler Machines


Outstanding Advantages of Vietnam Rotec’s Baler Machine 

  • The machine is suitable for pressing domestic and industrial waste such as paper, nylon, aluminum cans, etc.
  • The machine has available components and easy to replace.
  • The machine works quietly without making noise.
  • Pressing principle is simple and it is easy for workers to operate.
  • The pressure is generated by the hydraulic system which produces the large pressing force, high pressing efficiency.
  • The machine has an integrated electrical safety system, pressure-limiting hydraulic valves, and travel limits to limit cylinder stroke.

Video of Vietnam Rotec’s Baler Machine



4- The Shredder Machine Manufactured For The Sea Center

 The Image of The Machine 


The Shredder Machines Manufactured By The Sea Center


Structure of the Shredder Machine

a) Knife for shredding scrap

The shredder knife of the scrap shredder is made of alloy steel with high hardness from 50-66HRC, which has good wear resistance and long life. Specifically, they are: SKD-11 steel (Japanese alloy steel specializing in making steel cutters for large specialized steel cutting machines), 65G steel (tweezers steel) …
Depending on the material and the size to be crushed, Vietnam Rotec chooses suitable grinding knives. The chopping blades on a knife, the sharp edges, the cutting length of the chopping knife are calculated for each type of material to be chopped.
Vietnam Rotec  has eliminated the traditional method of installing the chopper on the shaft with the keys. Instead, the cutters of Vietnam Rotec Company are made with a mounting hole of a quadrilateral, a hexagon, etc., mounted on the shaft with a corresponding tetragonal (hexagonal) profile to increase the torsion resistance of the chopper and the chopping shaft.

b) Crusher material scraper

The shredder plate is made from alloy steel with good wear resistance and high hardness.
The chopper plate prevents the chopping material from accumulating between the choppers or wrapping around the chopper shaft, which prevents jamming in the chopping chamber and improves the chopping efficiency.
The scraper plate of the scrap crusher is installed by Rotec VN on the machine walls of the crushing chamber, connected by strong bolts, ensuring that during operation the scrapers are not pushed or clicked on the choppers. .
Rotec Vietnam has improved the combination of the material scrapers and the inserts into 1 to optimize production costs and reduce the maximum slip in the chopping chamber, further improving the working efficiency.

c) Flexible shredding shaft of garbage crusher, scrap crusher

The grinding shaft is made from high hardness alloy steel, suitable for the size of the material chamber and the crushed product.
The crushing shaft is calculated and designed according to the maximum bending and twisting moments to shred the material. Therefore, the shaft has a large bending and torsion capacity for each type of material to be processed.
Vietnam Rotec Company has improved the mounting position of the choppers to a quadrilateral, hexagonal, etc. to fit the choppers, eliminating the traditional method of using a torque drive key to eliminate singularities. caused by then. At the same time, it can transmit very large moments that the keying method on the shaft cannot meet.

d) Hash axes synchronous drive

The synchronous transmission of the hash shafts is a spur gear transmission. The transmission is designed for the external gear contact condition, which requires a large tooth modulus and tooth width. The transmission material is made from alloy steel with a hardness of 56-66HRC. Therefore, it has a large load capacity, abrasion resistance and long service life.
The gears are designed the same (modul and number of teeth) to ensure the synchronization between the axes, helping the chopping blades during the chopping process to knit evenly.

e) Torque drive belt drive

The belt drive that drives the torque from the motor shaft side to the gear box is designed by Vietnam Rotec Company according to the maximum torque and the appropriate gear ratio.
The belt type is selected according to the specified power range. Usually B belt and C belt with the number of belts from 2-6 belts.
The advantage of a belt drive is that it can transmit torque with parallel drive shafts. Has the ability to slip the belt to protect the motor when overload occurs. The belt drive is easy to replace during maintenance and repair.

f) Material hopper and crusher viewing port

Vietnam Rotec Company’s material hopper is made of SS400 steel, the structure is solid, tight and safe. The size of the hopper is designed in accordance with the requirements of the customer to ensure the productivity and the original hash size.
Vietnam Rotec Company material hopper is designed so that the hash is always evenly spread over the surface of the chamber and falls into the position of the chopping blades. This helps the product to be hashed more evenly, more continuously, better grinding performance.
Observation door mounted on the material hopper helps to observe the hashing during the hashing process. At the same time, help workers remove dangerous objects dropped into the machine before operating. This is to minimize the risks during operation.

g) Control cabinet of crusher

The control cabinet of the shredder has the function of automatically reversing the rotation of the chopping shafts to avoid jamming, overloading and reorienting the hash material. Vietnam Rotec Company’s shredder control cabinet is designed to:
  • Made from Japanese and Korean electronic components to ensure quality and safety.
  • Multi-level safety design to ensure stable machine operation, maximum safety protection for motor, reducer, chopper, etc.
  • Buzzer alarms when trouble occurs and stops the machine.
               3D Design of The Shredder Machines Manufactured for the Sea Center

Outstanding Advantages of Vietnam Rotec’s Shredder Machine

  • The machine is suitable for shredding waste materials in industry and daily life, etc.
  • The machine achieves the highest working efficiency in all types of shredder.
  • The machine consumes low power and 95% of electrical energy is served during the cutting process
  • The machine operates quietly without making as loud noise as hammer mills or cone crushers.
  • The machine works completely automatically and continuously, so it is very suitable for continuous production lines.
  • The cutter is made of alloy with great hardness and durability, so it has high abrasion resistance.
  • The machine integrates an automatic dust collection and filtering system, so it does not generate dust into the environment.


Video ‘Instructions of Operating the Shredder Machine For the Sea Center’



Promotion of Maintenance Package 5 Million For Shredder

Investors who order Industrial Machines and Environmental Treatment Equipment products in September and October will receive 01 Maintenance package worth 5 million VND within 12 months.

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