Vietnam Rotec Company Successfully Handling Shredder and Hydraulic Baler Machines to the Sea Center

In the past few days, all the leaders and staff of Vietnam Rotec Co., Ltd. are extremely happy and excited because the SHREDDER AND HYDRAULIC BALER MACHINES designed and manufactured by Vietnam Rotec Company have been successfully tested, handed over and delivered to the Investor in Vung Chua, Quang Binh Province. 1. About Investors Vung […]

‘Cow’s Feet Cleaning Trough Project’- Vietnam Rotec Company’s Contribution to the Second Largest Fresh Milk Investor in Vietnam’s Market Share

Recognized as a pioneer in applying high technology to dairy farming and milk production, always at the forefront of innovation and development of new products from a lin   e of clean fresh milk from nature, the Famous investor currently contributes approximately 43% market share of fresh milk segment in the domestic milk market. With the […]

Vietnam Rotec Company Provides High Quality Shot Blasting Machines and Baler Machines

With 15 years of experience in the field of manufacturing mechanical machines, Vietnam Rotec Com. Ltd. is proud to be the number 1 reliable partner of large enterprises in Vietnam, Asia and Europe; 1 in 50 typical brands in Asia Pacific in 2019. Cooperating with Rotec Vietnam is the perfect choice for all businesses! Vietnam […]

High quality Garbage Shredder Machine/4 shaft Shredder Machines/ Single shaft Fine Shredder Machines

With more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing equipment and machinery serving a variety of fields, ROTEC Vietnam always understands the concerns of customers, thereby providing them with really useful and optimal solutions.  Supplying to the market a line of HIGH QUALITY scrap shredder machines. – EXCELLENT EFFICIENCY, with 3 outstanding machines: Garbage shredder […]

25 Ton C-Shaped Hydraulic Press Machine for Tannan Vietnam Company Limited

Vietnam-Rotec-C-shaped-25-Ton Hydraulic Presser-1

THE 9th SUCCESS STORY With the advantage of professionalism, high expertise and extensive experience in the design and manufacture of hydraulic presses, Vietnam Rotec Co., Ltd.  has been very honored to be trusted by Tannan Vietnam Co., Ltd. and signed a contract to supply a 25 ton C-shaped hydraulic press for processing molded products of […]

Li La Ma Environmental Electromechanical JSC Very Impressive With Rotec Vietnam’s Filter Press Machine

The 8th Success Story In the past year, Rotec Vietnam has co-operated with numerous strong partners in the use of plate-filter presses. The companies have all highly appreciated the product. So let’s listen to the evaluation of LiLaMa environmental electromechanical joint stock company about this product. Background Information Li La Ma Joint Stock Company LiLaMa […]