Rotec Vietnam Successfully Handing Over Its Hydraulic Press Machine on December 10

Rotec Vietnam's Hydraulic Press Machine

On December 10th 2021, Rotec Vietnam’s masterpiece of H-frame Hydraulic Press Machine was successfully tested and handed over to its partner in Thai Nguyen province Dear Customers, please have a look at our masterpiece. The H-frame Hydraulic Press Machine has the following specifications: 1- Origin of the Machine: Made in Vietnam. Made by Rotec Vietnam […]

Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company Highly Appreciates Plate Filter Press Machine designed and manufactured by Rotec Vietnam


The First Success Story In the past time, Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company has cooperated with Rotec Vietnam Co., Ltd. to install the RFP-30.63M Plate Filter Press Machine at two factory facilities of instant food in Tien Du (Bac Ninh province) and Thuan An (Binh Duong province).  After being put into operation for more than […]

Why Should We Buy Scrap Pressers At Rotec Vietnam?

On the market today, there are many types of scrap pressers from many different suppliers, sometimes making it very difficult for customers to choose for themselves a genuine scrap press that is suitable for their needs and has a reasonable price, even competition. Understanding that, Rotec VN offers many types of scrap presses to the […]

5 Outstanding Benefits of Waste Shredders for Businesses and Environment

Waste shredders are being considered to be the optimal choice among waste treatment solutions. The machine is capable of crushing many different types of waste in a quick time. Therefore, the shredders not only save labor but also brings high economic efficiency. Handling industrial waste and domestic waste towards long-term development, ensuring health and living […]

Cattle manure press machine- ‘Superman’ in treating waste

Reality of environmental pollution in animal husbandry Livestock development is a new direction in the economic development of farmers. This activity helps people change the model from only growing monocultures and crops to raising livestock and opening farms. Before the cattle manure press machine was developed, handling manure of domestic animals was not effective, causing […]

7 Offers for Customers When Choosing Rotec Vietnam Hydraulic Press Machines

Today, machines are gradually becoming popular in the industrialization and modernization of the country. Especially in the fields of manufacturing, assembly, and manufacturing industries, all need Hydraulic Press Machines. What is a Hydraulic Press Machine? Hydraulic presser is a device that uses molds to create blocks for products in industries of metallurgy, machinery, etc. The […]