7 Offers for Customers When Choosing Rotec Vietnam Hydraulic Press Machines

Today, machines are gradually becoming popular in the industrialization and modernization of the country. Especially in the fields of manufacturing, assembly, and manufacturing industries, all need Hydraulic Press Machines.

What is a Hydraulic Press Machine?

Hydraulic presser is a device that uses molds to create blocks for products in industries of metallurgy, machinery, etc. The hydraulic machine adopts hydraulic transmission to create different shapes of products with different parameters, different specifications. The four columns of the machine are used for injection molding with the features of reasonable structure, easy to operate and high automation.

Application ranges of Hydraulic Press Machines

The machine is used in the operations of destroying products, straightening and straightening products. Pressing to shape products with great pressure (such as plastic injection, brick pressing, aluminum pressing …)

• Hydraulic presses have great uses in pressing, disassembling, shaping machine parts and materials in industry.

• Besides, hydraulic presses are also improved to be used in common industries such as mud presses, scrap iron presses, scrap paper presses, waste presses, etc., bringing outstanding benefits. Using hydraulic machines makes the work lighter, increases accuracy and safety compared to manual methods.

At the same time improve productivity and efficiency in work. And reduce production costs. Therefore, presses are becoming effective assistants of many industries and applications in real life.

• Hydraulic presses have many types, the most popular ones are C-shaped hydraulic press, 4-column hydraulic press, hydraulic claw press, hydraulic roll forming machine, H-frame hydraulic press, hydraulic press force used in the laboratory.

What are the benefits of Hydraulic Press Machines?

• Increasing productivity, reduce production costs.

• Reducing labor costs: Hydraulic presses used in industry are many times more productive than manual labor.

• Doing the steps that humans and clients cannot do such as pressing metal blocks of large size and weight, requiring high precision, etc.General technical characteristics of hydraulic presses

• The hydraulic press uses an integrated hydraulic valve system on the valve seat, which is very convenient.

• Hydraulic actuator, integrated valve seat with high specialized features. Large inlet pipe to avoid pressure loss as well as facilitate better sealing work.

• There is a protection device for the machine system to eliminate the phenomenon of hydraulic shock.

• Integrated PLC controller with anti-collision feature.

• Body structure has very high rigidity and stability.

7 advantages for customers when choosing Rotec Vietnam Hydraulic Press Machines

• Rotec Vietnam Co., Ltd. has more than 15 years of experience in the market in the field of manufacturing and manufacturing machines and especially “Hydraulic Pressers

With a team of excellent personnel graduated from prestigious universities and have many years of experience in designing and manufacturing machines.

• The machine is made from available components and materials, so it is easy to maintain and maintain

• The machine is designed specifically according to the requirements of each customer, so it will meet all your needs.

• Warranty period is up to 12 months, during the warranty period, if there is any problem with the device, you just need to call our hotline and there will be a 24/7 direct consultant and within 48 hours a technician will come to fix the machine problems.

• The payment policy of Rotec Vietnam is very flexible and divided into many payment installments to facilitate all customers to buy.

• Technical experts give enthusiastic advice, properly identify the needs of customers and find the optimal solution to solve the problems that customers are facing.

• Customers can visit the factory to visit the machine and directly test the machine.If you are interested in hydraulic presses, please contact directly via hotline 0971 506 268 for advice or more information at: https://rotec.com.vn



• Head office address: Room 311, B15, Unit B, Dai Kim new urban area, Hoang Mai district, Hanoi.

• Southern branch: Lot E17, KDC Valencia Riverside, 1000 Nguyen Duy Trinh, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City

• Hotline: 0971 506 268

• North: 0971 506 268 – 0961 606 268

• South: 0866.476.268 – 0967.706.268

• Website: https://rotec.com.vn/

• Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/congtyrotecvietnam

• Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9UngzC_qkoVwAQDORT2dtQ

Videos showing how to operate the press machines designed and manufactured by Rotec Vietnam in October 2021.

• Email: sales@rotec.com.vn


Referring to the whole article about ‘Hydraulic Press machines’ in Vietnamese at: https://rotec.com.vn/tai-sao-nen-chon-

         Hydraulic Press Machines designed and manufactured by Rotec Vietnam Ltd, Co.



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