9 Serious Misconceptions When Using a Hydraulic Press Machine

1. Using a combination of different hydraulic oil:

On the market today, there are many suppliers, so oil products will have different compositions and ratios, so when they meet, they can cause chemical reactions, thereby leading to fire and explosion. material damage. Therefore, carefully read the ingredients and instructions before use.

2. Incorrect pressure valve adjustment:

Almost when using hydraulic devices, everyone assumes that turning out is depressurizing, and inlet is increasing pressure. This is not entirely true because products are made by many manufacturers and this is not a principle that they must follow when making. Therefore, to avoid confusion, it is necessary to read the instructions carefully before use.

3. Change the parameters that the manufacturer has set:

Changing equipment parameters will change the operation of hydraulic equipment. Doing this can reduce the performance of the machine and even cause damage if we are not professional. Therefore, it is advisable to consult experts on this matter.

4. Do not use pressure gauge when adjusting pressure:

The pressure of the hydraulic machines greatly affects the working efficiency of the machine, so not using the gauge is a mistake that can cause damage to the user, so use a pressure gauge when using it. .

5. Replace the oil filter:

Replacing the oil filter can be done according to the instructions of the owner’s manual. However, in some cases of hydraulic equipment of large size, high capacity, operating with great intensity, continuously … then we should monitor and check to replace it to ensure the best operation of the machine.

6. Determine the direction of rotation of the pump:

To determine the direction of rotation of the pump, it is necessary to base on the convention according to international standards. Currently, according to international convention, the direction of rotation of the pump is to look at the drive shaft. If it is clockwise, the direction of rotation is right and vice versa.

7. The oil removed from the hydraulic press is filtered to be clean:

Oil taken from hydraulic equipment to be filtered can be considered clean, which is incorrect because according to international standards, clean oil must be filtered through 10 microns, so filtering several times through layers of cloth is not enough reason. to confirm that the oil in the machine is clean oil.

8. Oil pressure in the circuit is caused by the pump, the machine does not work because of the pump:

This view is wrong because in all cases the pressure must be caused by the load of the system.

9. The hydraulic pump has the ability to absorb oil by itself, so there is no need to add oil to the pump casing or pipeline:

This is not true because in hydraulic pumps that can absorb oil by themselves, but we still need to oil to have an oil film to lubricate the sealed parts of the machine and moreover, the oil has a rather high viscosity, leading to the possibility of oil loss. Self-suction from pump is poor.

Above are 9 misconceptions to keep in mind when using hydraulic equipment, hope the above information will be useful to you.To find out more information about hydraulic presses, you can call hotline: 086.647.6268 or view information at website: https://rotec.com.vn/

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