On the market today, there are many types of scrap pressers from many different suppliers, sometimes making it very difficult for customers to choose for themselves a genuine scrap press that is suitable for their needs and has a reasonable price, even competition.

Understanding that, Rotec VN offers many types of scrap presses to the market to better meet the needs of customers. Find out why you should buy a scrap compactor at Rotec Vietnam.

Scrap press machine with high capacity, energy saving

This is the leading advantage of the hydraulic scrap presses at Rotec Vietnam that helps you to squeeze all kinds of garbage such as: paper, cardboard boxes, fabrics, thin aluminum bottles and other biological wastes. other activities.

The machine is widely used in manufacturing plants, recycling areas, professional waste treatment units, supermarkets, etc., in many places with high demand for scrap pressing such as: tourist areas.

In addition to high capacity and fuel-saving ability, the scrap press provided by Rotec Vietnam is also supported with a trash can lifting system, which is very convenient for putting garbage into the machine, both saving labor and bringing efficiency and high work.



The price of scrap presses in Rotec Vietnam is always the best in the market

Unlike other distributors, Rotec VN has designed, manufactured and distributed, so we always have the best prices on the market that other distributors can never have. In addition, Rotec Vietnam’s payment policy is very flexible and divided into many payment installments. Thus creating conditions for all customers to be able to buy the machine.

Genuine scrap presses, 12 months warranty

The biggest advantage when you buy scrap machines from Rotec Vietnam is that we are a closed manufacturer and distributor, so we can guarantee 100% of the genuine origin of the products.

Another advantage is that because we manufacture by ourselves, we have a team of experienced engineers with over 15 years of research and production. If there are any technical or mechanical problems, Rotec Vietnam will surely support you more quickly and enthusiastically than any other supplier or retailer.

The technical experts of Rotec VN always enthusiastically advise, determine the right needs of customers. Customers can go to the factory to visit the machine and directly inspect the machine. The scrap presses provided by Rotec VN are also warranted for 12 months at Rotec Vn. So you can rest assured about the quality of the product.

may-ep-kien-ngang-tu-dong-rotec vn

Vietnamese-oriented machine easy to use

Because Rotec Vietnam  press products are made in Vietnam, targeting the Vietnamese market, the products are always optimally designed for the needs of the Vietnamese market.

Something that foreign machine manufacturers can never understand like Vietnamese engineers themselves. Every machine you buy at Rotec Vietnam is your contribution to protecting good quality Vietnamese goods for the Vietnamese economy.

Compared to other press manufacturers in the Chinese market and the Vietnamese market, the bale presses designed, manufactured and manufactured by Rotec Vietnam are always of more durable quality.

Do not hesitate any longer, customers who are interested in vertical and horizontal bale scrap presses, please contact Rotec Vietnam to enjoy preferential policies for customers and businesses. Link to product reference on website: https://rotec.com.vn/ may-ep-rac-thai

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