Cattle manure press machine- ‘Superman’ in treating waste

Reality of environmental pollution in animal husbandry Livestock development is a new direction in the economic development of farmers. This activity helps people change the model from only growing monocultures and crops to raising livestock and opening farms. Before the cattle manure press machine was developed, handling manure of domestic animals was not effective, causing […]

7 Offers for Customers When Choosing Rotec Vietnam Hydraulic Press Machines

Today, machines are gradually becoming popular in the industrialization and modernization of the country. Especially in the fields of manufacturing, assembly, and manufacturing industries, all need Hydraulic Press Machines. What is a Hydraulic Press Machine? Hydraulic presser is a device that uses molds to create blocks for products in industries of metallurgy, machinery, etc. The […]

9 Serious Misconceptions When Using a Hydraulic Press Machine

1. Using a combination of different hydraulic oil: On the market today, there are many suppliers, so oil products will have different compositions and ratios, so when they meet, they can cause chemical reactions, thereby leading to fire and explosion. material damage. Therefore, carefully read the ingredients and instructions before use. 2. Incorrect pressure valve […]

9 Safety Rules When Operating ‘Hydraulic Baler Pressing Machines’

Rule 1: Check the cleanliness of the area around the machine before working. Rule 2: Equip personal protective equipment when operating: Safety shoes, protective gloves, noise-canceling earplugs, dust mask. Rule 3: No abnormal noise during equipment operation. Rule 4: Make sure debris does not enter the device: Brick, metal (Except for metal scrap press). Rule […]

Rotec – Instructions for Cleaning and Maintenance of the Crushing Machine

Operating any mechanics, in addition to the periodic production and maintenance units, the enterprise can also actively clean the machine so that the machine can be operated at its best through the suggestions of Rotec below 1. Hướng Dẫn Vệ Sinh Máy Băm Nghiền Về cấu tạo kỹ thuật, máy băm hạt nhựa tại  được […]

How to Crush Ultra-smooth Hard Composite Materials?

Composite material is one of the materials applied in many fields to create products for life, production to overcome the disadvantages that other materials have, contributing to improving performance and efficiency. results, quality of work and human life. Rotec is using a mill to grind composite finely for car door recycling. Especially this month, how […]