Happy 15th Birthday Anniversary To Vietnam Rotec Company

In the vibrant weather of May, with flamboyant flowers and purple orchids, the entire staff of VIETNAM ROTEC Co., Ltd is thrilled to welcome a very special event: THE 15TH ANNIVERSARY OF VIETNAM ROTEC CO., LTD: 07/05/2008-07/05/2023. Throughout the 15-year journey of formation and development, thousands of industrial machines and environmental equipment have been designed, […]

16 Typical Projects Successfully Completed By Vietnam Rotec Company in 2022

The year 2022 marks the outstanding development of Vietnam Rotec Co., Ltd in the field of Designing and Manufacturing INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY and ENVIRONMENTAL TREATMENT EQUIPMENT. Thanks to the continuous efforts and dedicated service of the Company’s Team from Leaders to all Rotecers, numerous industrial manufacturing projects have been trusted and ordered by Investors and tested […]